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Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Angel And The One

It's not my destiny to be the one that you will lay with
So many reasons why I have to go but want to stay here
Sometimes I want a taste but then I don't know what I'm saying
You are the angel and I am the one who is praying

There is another love that I would rather be obeying
I see the ecstasy and already I'm anticipating
I feel a deeper peace and that deeper peace is penetrating
I've got the magic in me, I am complete is what I'm saying

I'm flying up so high, my purple majesty displaying
I've reached a higher place that noone else can make a claim in

I'll take you there my friend
I'm reaching out my hand, so take it
We are the angels, and we are the ones that are praying

Peace, shalom, peace, shalom
Peace, peace
Peace, shalom, peace, shalom
Peace, peace

By Weezer

Everybody Hates Sarah.

A few posts ago, I put up two Obama-related videos, and in this post, I'm going to dive into US-politics again, because let's face it, it'll affect the course of the free-world, the economy, and our lives in general. Oh, and I've been watching too much of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, and even if those are "comedy" shows, I'd like to think I'm more equipped to comment on the circus that is American Politics than the average blogger.

Obama took a very conservative route by picking Joe Biden as his running-mate. Some people fear that a move is too typical of him, too smart, and goes against his message of "change". After all, Joe Biden has been senator for 20 over years, so what change can he bring about, some may ask.What the Obama camp wants to do is to cover-up his perceived "lack of experience", and also pander to the votes of older voters, I guess. It's a smart move, and he shouldn't be faulted for that.

McCain, on the other hand, does something which was...sort of expected, but is the most unexpected-expected move ever possible. He chose Sarah Palin. And just who is Sarah Palin? Now, I'm sure nobody really knew who Joe Biden was either, but that's from a Singapore perspective...if we were in America, we would have heard of Joe Biden. Sarah Palin on the other hand virtually unknown on all fronts! I gathered some info on her for you guys, so lap it up.

Sarah Fact #1
Sarah has been the Governor of Alaska for a mere year and a half. On top of being in the post for only a short time, Alaska is also (contrary to popular belief), a considerably small state, with a smaller basket of issues. Not wanting to belittle Alaska in this post, but do you think they face the same issues that states in America, and America as a whole face?

Sarah Fact #2
McCain only met her once, about six months ago at some convention. Is this enough to give McCain enough information to aptly judge her as a fitting running-mate?

Sarah Fact #3
Sarah Palin doesn't believe that Global Warming is caused by humans. What the...

Sarah Fact #4
Sarah Palin is pro-choice, which means she is against abortion. Come on, do we really need to regress in terms of our stand on this subject? Personally, I'm pro-choice on this case because I think people should be given the choice to decide whether to have children or not. In a society which is becoming more...sexually-active, for lack of a better term, what do you want to achieve with pro-life policies? You'll get unwanted pregnancies, and you know what they say about "pro-life-ist", "When you're in the womb, you're the priority, but once you're out, nobody cares,"

Sarah Fact #5
She's a creationist. Come the hell on! Again, creationism is not science. It's a pseudo-science. Why? Because it goes against the scientific method; it lacks proof, and whenever evidence against it is presented, it makes up some rubbish, as it had done so many times already.

Sarah Fact #6
Sarah Palin was a former-beauty queen. OK, I for one don't think this matters, but this was on the front page of The Sunday Times today. On the front page read "Sarah Palin was a beauty queen". Seriously? What the heck am I supposed to draw from that headline? It's so sexist and stereotypical that it's laughable. It's like saying "Barack Obama played basketball". It's a headline which plays to the stereotype of beauty means no brains, which I take offense to, because I'm a beautiful creature.

Ahh, I'm fully aware I'm quite biased with the "facts" I chose to put up. Granted, she may be have been amiable as the Governor of Alaska, and may have even done a good job, but is she ready for the Vice-Presidential seat? Looking at her credentials, definitely not. Maybe she'll step up in the coming weeks of Debate, and media coverage, but for now, we can conclude that McCain made a bad decision.

Then why did McCain pick Palin in the first place? The most obvious guess is that he wanted someone who may be seen as "fresh", "energetic" and filled with "vigour". In contrast to Obama's speeches, his has been...dead and tired, and his views as well has been considered as archaic. "More of the same" is what McCain is labeled, and with Palin's pick, he may have wanted to dispel it. But did he really? Palin's an unknown with little credentials and experience. She brings more harm to his campaign than anything else.

It's been said that McCain picked Palin to get Clintonnites, but he cant' be that naive, can he? Other than the fact that she's a woman, almost every single of Palin's stance on issues opposes Clinton's.

C'mon lah, can use your brain abit anots, McCain? I spoke lots about Palin, but this pick also puts into question McCain's decision-skills. Do they exist?

Wow. That's it for me. I'm out. I'm by no means qualified to rattle off like how I did, I know. We're still a long ways to the elections, and in that time, the only way McCain can win is if Palin dispels all the controversy surrounding her, and establish herself as someone inspiring, and fresh, just as Obama did, which is unlikely.

Obama-Biden, for life.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pimp My Flair

If you've yet to get a Facebook, I suggest you do so right now, because seriously speaking, you're missing out on so much stuff, it's not even funny. Facebook has become THE media for social interaction through the internet. Aside from features such as "comments", "photos" and "profiles" already available on Friendster, there's also functions such as "events" where you can create events or invite people to them, and "groups" where you create your group, or join. There are "causes" as well, both serious and for fun, where people of common interest can rally together and do shit.

One of the big draws for Facebook is also the plethora of applications made available through it. Games, quizzes, and whatnots exist catering to all-sorts of people. This post is here to sorta pimp one of my favourite applications: Flair, or Pieces of Flair, for long. Flair basically allows you to buy and even create badges, ala Frolick, and put them up on a virtual notice board. It's a simple, yet unique way of expressing yourself, and I'm all behind it.

My flair:

I created the ACJC Orientation, 32nd Council and Gold Collegiate myself! And there's the classic "Three Nipple Phelps", and I've flair-ed an awesome ClanHead+MJ+RJ photo.

So yeah, get your flair on!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Barack Obama: He Completes Us

An amazing video summarizing the rise of Barack, taken from the Daily Show.

And his keynote speech from 2004, where he took the stage for the first-time ever, really.

The Worst Bus Rides Ever

After having taken the MRT for at least twice a day, every day, I have grown to relish and seize all opportunities to NOT take the train. This afternoon, after having gone to Queenstown and wandering around Suntec with a bunch of Queenstown people, I was faced with either walking to City Hall to take the train, or walking to Bugis to take bus number '2'. Either way, I would be walking quite a distance, and after considering my fatigue and want to sleep, I took the latter option.

And just my luck, all things that you don't want to happen on a bus ride happened.

Firstly, I missed the bus. I JUST missed the bus. I was taking my sweet time, listening to "How to Win Friends And Influence People" (seriously), and the bus zoomed past me and all I could do was watch the double-decker, semi-empty bus go by without me.

The next bus was to come in 15 minutes. Oh no. I wasn't in a rush anyway, so I just waited there...and waited...until the next 2 came, which was, as luck would have it, single-decker! OH MY GOD. SERIOUSLY. I don't know why they services still exists which are both single-decker and double-decker. It makes my blood boil...so much. How do you expect a single-decker to accommodate the same volume that a double-decker does? I say scrap the single-deckers, damnit.

I rushed into the bus with everybody else. It was a matter of standing up, or sitting down after all. I squirmed my way into the bus, sat down, ended up giving my seat to an elderly (one more reason I hate single-deckers; a seat ain't truly yours), and then I moved to the back and found myself in front of the rear-row, the ones which seat 5 people but usually, and this applies to this case as well, seats only 4. Why 4? Because guys refuse to sit properly, and insist on sitting with their legs wide open. Do you think someone's going to get down on you or something? Seriously? I wasn't going to take none of that, so I said "Excuse me," and planted myself on the middle of the back-row. We then engaged in a battle of knee against knee, and the tension was palpable-ish.

I'm serious about the tension. Like, their legs were so wide open that I was being squeezed, so I retaliated and open my legs to a socially acceptable level. Of course, they refused to budge, and this lead to the...battle below the belt...?

Anyways, there were shouting in the bus as well! Out of nowhere, this ang-moh woman started screaming on this Singaporean youth. "YOU ASSHOLE!", she screamed and "It's not like you're paying for two fares!" she continued. Then the guy tried to defend himself, but I couldn't make out what he was saying because he is a pussy. I'm serious. The guy didn't even try to make a proper case, and he ended up looking so bad and pussy-like. The guy mumbled something to the woman and all she said was "YOU'RE AN ASSSHOLE!". Phwoar.

I think this is what happened: the guy had his bag on the seat beside him, and the ang-moh woman (who got on at bugis as well) asked him to remove it so that she can seat down. I think the guy probably did something socially unacceptable (which is too common in Singapore, I think) like occupy more seat than he should, or push back or something, and he struck a nerve with the woman, and he got blasted. Hell yeah.

The bus ride became more mundane after the shouting, and I fell into slumber, and as usual, having lost sense of timing and rhythm of my waking and sleeping, I missed my stop and ended up further East. Sigh.

So yeah, the recipe for the worst bus ride is a single-decker bus, which is full of inconsiderate passengers, shouting and me missing my stop. And today, all this combined to give an otherwise sour taste to an awesome day. Teachers' Day in AC was best, and then back in Queenstown was best, and then hanging with the Queenstownians was also best. I got the whole holidays ahead of me and I'm going to make it best as well.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

(n) is better than (n-1) is better than (n-2)...is better than 1.

In the above equation, n stands for nipple. I apologize to all whose innocence I've tainted with the post below, with the nipples. It just had to be done. Once the thought is inside my head, and the power within my grasp, what's there to stop me? I'll tell you...nothing! HAHAHAHAAHAH.

Original picture.

With 1 extra nipple.

With 2 extra nipples.

With nipple for belly-button.

With nipple for belly-button. It looks like a face. I see nothing but a face.

With nipple for eyes.

Nipple overload.

If Michael Phelps had a nipple for every...wait. Anyways, I have nothing against Michael Phelps; I'm a staunch supporter, and I've watched him swim, and was in awe, along with the rest of you.

I stayed home to relax and chill today, and it went awesomely. After night out with my secondary school buds yesterday, I just slept in, watched movies, read manga, read books, downloaded music, played Guitar Hero, played DDR, and chatted with people on MSN. Studying commences once more tomorrow!

3 is better than 2 is better than 1.

Me, Jon, Rebecca and Moses were at Changi Airport studying and whatnot, and then we got to talking random nonsense, one of which were...tattoos. And then I started thinking about the weirdest tattoo one could get, and thus, Michael "Three Nipples" Phelps was born.

Imagine the scene if you will: Guy walks into tattoo shops. Lifts up his shirt to show the artist his nipples. "I want this," he says pointing to one nipple, "Here," pointing to a spot just beside that nipple.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Human Geography is anything but Human.

Hey hey!

Just wanted to say "hi" to you all. It's been ages since I updated, or so it seemed...I've Physics and Economics left; I'll be focusing on those still, so until Friday, no real updates. I'd just like to thank PirateBay and Bittorrent for all the music they've provided me throughout the preparations for prelims, and to Uhh Yeah Dude, Dan Carlin, Smodcast, Pick-up Podcast for keeping me company.

Seriously, if you haven't been downloading music...don't. But I'm just saying the internet, especially PirateBay is rife with quality music. Black Kids, Metro Station, The Script, Say Anything, Vampire Weekend, The Subways...the list is bloody endless.

OK, I've got to practice a few Physics papers before I sleep. G'night!

To come: Raymond's Thoughts on Cloning, Scandal hits Raymond-Angelo.blogspot.com, Raymond Reviews and so much more.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Get Physical with Geography.

Over the course of the few weeks, I've been spending a whole load of time with my notes, and this is true with geography, more so than any other subject. To those who are curious to know just...how much is the sheer magnitude of the content I've had to mug for this subject, check out this picture, because it'll speak louder than any string of words I can muster.

The monstrosity you see before you is my set of Physical Geography notes. Just Physical Geography notes, without Human Geography, which is around 60% of that thickness, I think.

On another note (heh), my notes are in the worst state I've seen any set of notes fall in. Not a single one is not dog-eared, a few of them are torn, and the staples are barely hanging on, as if held together by a prayer.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bridge to Terabithia :( and Anna Sophia Robb :)

It was a Sunday, the day before...ah, I wanted to say the day before my Prelims started, but then I realise that it started on Tuesday, so I guess Sunday is just the day before Monday. Anyways, on Sunday, I had the opportunity to watch "Bridge to Terabithia" on either HBO, or Star Movies, I can't remember. The trailers were on air for ages, and I have heard good things of the movie before. Also, it says the trailers were misleading to a controversial extent, so I decided...yeah, let's watch this show.

This is the trailer, by the way:

The trailer makes it look like some fantasy children's flick, a carbon copy of the likes of Narnia, Harry Potter, Spiderwick, Eragon, and all sorts of ...cliche rubbish, but it's not. Trust me when I say that there's so much more to this than fantasy, because it's not about fantasy: it's abour relationships.

It's boy-meets-girl taken to fantastical levels. It's the childhood love that we always wished we had when we were young, the kind we wish we have even right now, as we're older. If you have the time, or even if you don't (I was supposed to be preparing for my prelims when I watched this!), go check this film out. It should be viewable on any movie sites, like www.66stage.com, or failing that, come to me, and I'll lend you the DVD (which I'll buy!).

This film gets 4.5/5 from me, the 0.5 sorta disappeared because my mum spoiled the story for me half way through when she said "Is this the one where *insert twist here* happens?". It was a good...unexpected, cruel kink in the tale. Wait...no innuendo intended in that previous sentence.

And the female lead is absolutely gorgeous! Anna Sophia Robb, oh my god. I was in love with her throughout the whole show. Apparently, she's 14 right now, but they always say girls mature faster than boys, so let's say I'm supposed to be 18 (yeah, right), but because of the disparity in the rate of increase of maturity, I'm probably only...a year older than her, relatively speaking. YES!

Isn't she pretty? She's...stunning, and she can act, and I really really hope she become something great in the future. Anyways, if she looks familiar, it's because she's appeared in Charlie in the Chocolate Factory as well.

I don't usually get crushes on girls who are so young, but she is the exception.

PS: I know some of you are more interested in my life, hence why you are here at raymond-angelo, so I'll do a quick update. I've been sitting through my papers the past few days. GP and Geog was on Tuesday, and GP was OK, and Geog...not so much. Econs on Wednesday wasn't splendid either. But today was Physics and Maths, and I'm relatively happy with both. No papers tomorrow, but I think I'll be studying in school, anyways. Oh, and my room at my new house is shaping up to be awesome.

Sunday, August 10, 2008




Shall write more when I've the time. But then again, if I had time to watch the show...gah. MUST STUDY. But still...


Saturday, August 09, 2008

Ours Is The Fury

This is more for my convenience, so that I won't have to ask for it from anybody anymore, but you can look at it if you wish. Credits go to Glenn's friend for scanning the page.

For now, my focus is on finishing studying the Physical Geography syllabus, which is a crazy amount, given the immediacy of it all. And then I'm going to get my GP back into shape as well. As you can see, the first few days are hell on Earth, with all my subjects crammed from Tuesday to Thursday.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Post the secret things you do secretly in secret.

When I drink Coke Zero, or Coke Light, I drink it quick. Quick enough to make me burp. I practically gulp it down. With that, slightly more than half of the Coke is gone. And then I feel the urge to burp, and I do it, without making a noise, of course. Discretely, I direct the burp into the small opening of the Coke, as if I'm giving it CPR. The gases of my burp react with the Coke, in the way wine react with air, or something, and when I drink the Coke again, I sip with great pleasure at the delicate, exquisite excellence of the drink.

The drink tastes so much better for I had given it greater depth, greater dimension. Welcome Coke Raymond. Coke Raymond contains no sugar, but is just as sweet, has no calories, but has plenty of kick.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

From one move to the next.

You know how most people do things which make their lives simpler and more convenient? I'm not one of them. I always do things which will get the same results, for more than the necessary amount of effort. Of course, I always strive to get the best results, but then again, I never take the simplest, most obvious route because it's too easy.

So where has that brought me? I've become a guy who studies in Buona Vista, and lives in Tanah Merah. In case you don't know, Tanah Merah is two stops away from Changi Airport, so how's that for far? But all in all, I think I stand to benefit from the move. Imagine the amount of money I'd save from all those mornings NOT taking the taxi just because I was lazy. Also, the heartlands have always had a special place in my...heart, so I guess with this move, I'll truly get involved, like...study in the void-deck and whatnot.

We moved to a HDB, and yeah, I know most people are like "meh", but it's not that bad. The house is bigger, I think, so in a sense, it's an upgrade. There just isn't a pool, or a gym, but I never liked that pool nor that gym. Let's just say that my condo was located in Geylang, and people who worked in Geylang needed lodging, so they choose to stay at my condo, and they frequented the above-mentioned facilities.

The main problem right now is transport; I could get from anywhere to anywhere from where I was at Geylang. Seriously. The LTA, or whatever, really really REALLY went out of their way to make Geylang accessible. And in Tanah Merah, I've about 5 buses only, and it's further out, so even if I have 14 which goes to school, I don't have the 1h30min++ which it'll take for me to get there. There's always the train I guess.

So yeah, that's me right about now. I'm blogging from my father's laptop because the CPU is down, or something, gah, and we're still settling in. I'm going off to study at the void deck, and tomorrow, let's hope that more people go to school, and that I finally get to watch Batman.


PS: Happy birthday ZhuYing :). You were always be my favourite ponner!

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