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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Evil rears it's ugly head. It's not pretty.

My sleep's been really screwed the past few days.

On Tuesday evening, I reached home at around 10 and woke up at 1030, where by I did my Line-in work, maths tutorial and physics tutorial. Maths tutorial is especially horrible at the middle of the night, because your concentration seems to be so much lower. I spent 30 minutes on a single vectors question and I canceled my working so many dang times, I invented queer ways of omitting your errors. I scribbled words like "AGGHHH" over the working, and I laughed to myself, in the middle of the night.

Then yesterday evening, I reached home quite late again, because I went for dinner with the debaters. After the conclusion of Line-in Welcome Tea (which was quite good, mind you. I think my juniors are rocking awesome), I stayed behind to meet Weihong to discuss convening duties (which I won't be able to do any longer, I fear) and reached home at 930. To tired to do any work, with a maths test looming the next day, I slept at 10, and asked my maid to wake me up at 1030. But did I wake up at 1030? NO, I WOKE UP AT 1300 IN THE MORNING. I considered going back to sleep, but man, the workload of a JC student is heavy. I couldn't help but feel fear if I don't do work or study for even one day. So I ended up staying up until 1530, waking up at 545 in the morning for another day of school.

Gah. I was able to stay awake for the whole day though, which has got to be some kind of miracle. We're one day away from the weekend, but guess what! There's a CCAAB course on Saturday morning (which eliminates the option of sleeping in)! At least there's PR shopping to look forward to.

I aim to get some normal sleep today. Hell yeah.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I like how you don't know anything about me except for the things I choose to show.

I met up with some of the Queenstown peoples today (Raied, Ringo, Jeremy, Betty, Shalina and Weiling) to have dinner after debate training. Because my school ends at inhumane times, I could only meet them after the training, just before lunch, so at around 5:30, I was at Dawson place. I failed to realize that that period of time was when CCAs ended, so I had to face a bunch of Sec 4s, which is...I don't know. It feels weird, now.

Anyways, I met up with them, and after the compulsory insults directed at my hair (Sial, what happen? You kana scam? Tio sexposed? Even school cut not this bad siah!), we went to Clementi. I love hanging out with these bunch of people because with them...I can go shit-ass crazy. As in, I'm still my usual crazy, random, dumb-ass self, only I'm less censored and more ****ed-up yo. Made loads of noise crossing the road, on the bus stop, in the bus, at the Prata Pranet, everywhere man, and it was fun. The thing I like about these people is they're complete disregard and lack of consideration for other's feelings, and sometimes, that's where you want to be, know what I'm saying? In a world of your own, just you and a select few.

I ate biryani, prata, murtabak, roti john, and tissue prata for dinner. My stomach still hurts btw. We sat and chat until around 9, at which those who had school the following day had to go home to mug, do work. I reached home around 10, freaking died on the bed, got Kerri to give me a wake-up call (Thanks!) and now I'm up doing work.

Line-In meeting agenda, last question of maths tutorial, physics practical, physics tutorial. I've lost all mood to sleep today; I'll sleep tomorrow afternoon lah.
Sigh. I think I'm slightly sick too, because of the rain.

And you know the 5-day Work-Week MOE imposed on us? I love the way everybody's just trampling over this clause. I'm back like....every freaking Saturday; this doesn't just extend to AC though, because so many other schools have activities on Saturday.
Really looking forward to the Chinese New Year holidays. And Orientation 2! It's coming!

Props to photog for the awesome picture.

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Raymond Angelo Song

When he says 'hi', the girls say 'hello'.

Don't have to search high and low.

When he says "come", the girls can't say 'no'.

Whatever he does he is so pro.

He is there where ever you go.

He always deals the finishing blow.

These aren't the lyrics of the song, but are the...things which make up the song? I don't know how to describe it, but I'll sing it upon request. Accompanying actions will come soon.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Kamen Rider Kiva - Break the Chain!

The new opening, complete with Kiva holding a freaking violin.

Cool looking Rider Kick.

I'll try to keep up with this series. Heard Den-O was awesome, but I fell off the bandwagon. I'll get back on it again...after the As, yeah!

They thought I didn't know what they were talking about but I did.

Since coming to Singapore at the year 1997, I've shed a lot of the things which make me Filipino. I still remember clearly the gallons of patriotism I felt as I left the country, vowing to myself that one day, I'll come back. Many years on, I've come to a point where I'm more Singaporean than I am Filipino, even to the extent that Filipinos themselves can't tell I'm one of them; many think I'm some weird hybrid.

I speak English without the all-too-familiar accent, I don't dress like the local Filipino expatriates...the only thing which makes me Filipino is probably the blood flowing through my veins. That, and my mother tongue. I never lost touch with the Filipino language, primarily because that's what I speak at home, and even what I use when I'm messaging my family members.

So put the Filipino's blissful disawareness of my heritage together with my retained mother tongue and you get hilariously strange results such as what happened this afternoon.

I was jogging (all part of yet another get-fit-quick scheme) around a nearby field, and I found myself trailing behind this Filipino guy; I could tell from his jersey which bore his surname (Agha), which is too cool to be any other surname than a Filipino surname. My instinct to overtake another male specimen of the human species attempted to kick in, but I kept it in control, because, like I told myself over and over, I was there to get fitter, not to show off.

As we jogged, we managed to maintain a stable distance of no more than 3 metres and then we approached this woman who was waddling along. Then, out of nowhere, the guy smacks this woman's ass! HE FREAKING SMACKED HER ASS! I'm not kidding, I saw it, and I heard it when he said "Hello, 'ganda," and she replied "Hi, pogi," and the guy continued to run.

'Ganda is short for maganda which means beautiful, and pogi means handsome.

After getting over the shock of seeing such raw public smackdown, I resumed my run and ran past the chick. She then screamed "Oi! May humahabol! Bilisan mo!", which means "There's a guy chasing you! Hurry up!" And the guy sped up, but not before saying in perfect tag-lish "Walang problem-o!" where "walang" means "no".

I'm like...WHAT THE CRAP! They're talking about me so openly! Incensed, I ran past the guy without breaking a sweat. "Tang ina," said the guy way too loudly, and I don't want to translate that ever.

I passed the couple a couple more times and then proceeded to the fitness corner to do pull-ups, dips and other nonsense. And then the Filipino couple (I established that they are) goes to the fitness corner too. The dude, eager to recover from his earlier fall from grace, did sit-ups, and as he was doing his sit-ups, the chick said something which...was ballsy.

"Patingin nga nang itlog mo," which means "Let me see your eggs," Obviously, she didn't mean eggs literally, but to divulge what she really mean here would be too eggsplicit. She then says more stuff which is disgusting even when left untranslated. Let's just say I was blushing on their behalf.

Hastily, I left the fitness corner, and they got fitter together, I think.

So my point is...and I'm not just addressing Filipinos, but people in general, is that just because the person doesn't look like he/she understand you, doesn't mean that he/she doesn't. This have happened to me countless times. There was this time I was at Coffee Bean a few months back, and then this two malay girls start chattering in malay about me and something about getting my number. My grasp of malay maybe scarce, but I can tell...fangirlism in any language.

That'll be it for me today! Hope I made up quantity with quality!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Game of Self-Discovery

In my turbulent years prepubescent years, I was lost, in want of an "identity" for myself; the ability to establish myself as an individual of much value and worth. A few years have passed since those years, and though the times are still as turbulent as ever, I think I've gained knowledge of myself, and discovered facets of my personality I never did quite knew existed.

I can attribute this to many things: my friends, my school (ACJC, yosh!), my unique upbringing, and stuff like that. But one thing...one thing that really...tossed my salad (pardon the expression) is KOKOLOGY.

I can sense those of you who have slogged the "-ology" section of the Right Word quickly thinking of all the "-ologies" they know of, but I'm pretty sure you won't find Kokology in your word bank. Kokology is a series of psychological games designed to reveal your hidden attitudes about family, love, work and more. There's even a Wikipedia (WOOHOO CREDIBILITY!) page on it, just so you know I ain't crapping.

As I discovered, and practiced Kokology, I found out things about myself which I never knew were there, and I know it's a wee-bit retarded, but the 13 year-old me trusted the dang book, and as I discovered it to be reliable, I actually shaped my life around the answers the book gave me. Like I said, "wee-bit retarded".

So now that I've matured, and I've grown out of trusting Kokology, I've discovered a new use for it. Kokology on other people. It's a great ice breaker, and if you do it just right, they'll think you're real smart and mystical and all.

Here's a sample of a Kokology question:
You are eating dinner in an elegant French restaurant, and as you lift your wine glass to share a toast with your lover, your arm jerks, and you spill wine on the tablecloth. Which of the 4 options best describe the way the wine was spilled.

1) The tablecloth is completely soaked in wine.
2) There are several large red splotches.
3) A few drops of wine spilled out here and there.
4) There's only one small spot on the tablecloth.

IM me for the interpretation, one which you'll never quite guess.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Allow myself to talk about myself.


I was typing this, and then I realized I still have shit-loads of work to do. Seriously. I've been handed with heapings of helpings of work, and I've to finish them ASAP. So talking about myself can wait.

Who says Raymond is self-centred? When pushed by circumstance, I do step out of the limelight.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Meeting with My Hero

I seriously need to get my good old camera up and running again. I don't know why, but I've done away with pictures in the past few months, and I think...my standard has fallen. Wait for it, my revival, and I will show you pictures. What can I say, I'm a camwhore, but there are two kinds of camwhores, aren't there? The kind who camwhores themselves, and the kind who waits for others to camwhore with them.

A true leader of people lets the people come to him, and the good thing is, most of the time, they do come.

One thing I've realised, especially in the past few months, is that I've been asserting my individuality alot. Maybe it comes with age, as you see everybody merging into one singular collective, when you try to differentiate yourself from the crowd. It's like...the bandana is the wtf, then there's the scarf which is also wtf (but in a cool, awesome way) and up next is...a box. Seriously, a box. You have to see it to believe it.

I'll take a picture, promise!

Anyway, a big change in my life is the new television my dad got; it's 40-inch, which is ginormous. I never saw the point of such large screens, because it's all relative isn't it? Sure it's HD now, and that's awesome, but is all that girth really necessary? The most major change I've seen is my position relative to the TV. I have to stand further now to embrace the larger screen. Not that I mind standing further back by abit.


Guitar Hero's a game for wannabe guitar players, who can't stand the technicalities a guitar calls for, but still has an inner-rockstar waiting to be unleashed. Almost nightly before I sleep, I'll stand before the television, and rock. hard. The thing is, with a smaller screen, I was able to get a fuller grasp of the notes. With a bigger screen, my eyes have to move around a whole lot more, and that's too tiring, and I end up failing and shitz.

So, what's my point?

I wanted to start the year on a good note. But the note fell flat.

PS: PUwNdzers.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Accomplishment rises from the pit of my stomach.

I finally finished the damned geography project...Ok, so maybe "damned" is the wrong to use because I have learned so much about mass movement, I can recite it in my sleep. Seriously. Do check out my blog; it's www.thisblogrocks.blogspot.com. For the time being, I've got lousy Jolene Dong's name all over the place, but that's only temporary (thank goodness!), and for the sake of www.thisblogrocks.blogspot.com.

It's 2 in the morning and I really should be sleeping, but I still need to do some GP stuff, and I'm done for the night. I told myself I wouldn't do it, but when I thought about it, I really should, and after I finish this post, I would. Good night!

Oh, I think people are curious as to what I look like right now, and how I've changed during the holidays. I've lost weight, again! In fact, I bought 2 new pairs of pants recently. I'm going to reveal...a secret that's quite literally below the belt. I've been walking around in spoilt pants for the past 5 months! You see, my bulging (not anymore, biatch!) stomach made the button pop out, so as I had little time to go and buy new pants, I made do by using my zip to support the rest of my pants.

Nobody noticed. For the remainder of my J1 year, I walked around, burdened by a secret only I wore. But not anymore! I went to Bibi&Baba to get new pants, and I was size 34 back then, so just for kicks I try size 32...and it fits! HAH!

Look out, people-who-haven't-seen-me-in-damn-bloody-long! I've changed since damn-bloody-long ago! And I got a scarf, and it's legendary.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The beauty that lies within your eyes astound me to this day.

I never knew that so many people in ACJC had blogs. Awhile ago, I read browsed through a few, and they've been really eye-opening. The thing about blogs is that for most of the time, the people you see in school and the people behind the posts are very different, and when you see them pouring their hearts out the way most people do in the shelter of their blogs, you don't know what to say, or think when you're around them. When I see someone's blog and then I learn something new about them, do I bring it up, or do I pretend I never read it?

The thing about blogs is that...you're unsure of what to make of what you read. It's a form of voyeurism, I guess. An open sort of voyeurism, but it's voyeurism nonetheless. Personally, I try not to find out things about people from their blogs, and even when I do, I pretend that I didn't. Because I don't want our society to arrive at a stage whereby our knowledge of one another is not passed through inter-personal communication, but through this computer, this blog, and stuff like that.

I always blush when people talk to me about my blog and my posts, honestly, so yeah...I don't know what I'm getting at anymore, but I think you get it :)

So anyways, today's been quite fun, as always when you're me. I survived the Three Hour Thursday Torture (Physics, Geography, Econs non-stop, kill me now), did three lines of malay essay (all of which I canceled, so I'm effectively nowhere), bullshitted through a general knowledge quiz. Oh, and I made up my own magic trick; that's always fun.

Tonight's going to be a real crap-storm, with all the work I've to rush out by tomorrow. I've my dang mind-maps to do, half a geography essay to finish up, and a whole geography blog to put up in one night. What fun!

Oh, and you've got to check this guy out. Seriously. I hope he's Filipino, because if he is, I will be a proud Filipino.

We're brothers forever!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Fantastic beginning of the year.

-Pulled off Orientation. Conducted AWESOME mass rallies. Had an almost-smooth programme. Appeared in random videos. Emcee-ed with plenty of "legendary".
-Got 35+ names for Line-In during CCA Exhibition.
-Making lotsa new J1 friends.
-Not that far behind in homework.
-First issue of Line-In released, and we got compliments!
-Did PR stuff :)
-PR and Line-In looks set for a FANTASTIC start.
-Abs are coming, seriously.


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