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Monday, July 31, 2006

I'm a Facade?

I just heard comments made by teachers about me. Firstly, that I'm a facade (pronounced as fak-a-dee). I've got no idea about this, because it's them who make their own judgements of me, I dont' try to act smart, heck, most of the time, it's obvious I'm oblivious. So, yeah, that's it, because I don't really care either way. Another thing is regarding vanity. This one...I can't deny lol. I'm vain, but self-indulgence never hurt anyone. Some other stuff too, but let's not talk about it.

Journey to school today was tough. You know how during rainy days, your urge to pee becomes stronger? Let's just leave it at that.

We discovered someone who's as bad in spelling as Clement! Mrs Dass! She wanted to write "psychic", but wrote first "psch", and after realising her blunder, made an even worse one by rubbing it off then writing something which started with an "s". I'm just poking fun here larh, because by all means, she's a great teacher. To all the sec 2s who are thinking are unsure as to whether to take 1337 next year, just do it. Anyways, even if you screw up, you've still go So-SIAL Studies to save your ass.

The rest of the periods just flew past, and the Humanities Challenge came up. We got released at 12:30 from our classes, me, Ringo, Jeremy and Raied. The two teams were this: on the blue team (the viagra team), was Me, Jeremy, some sec 3 band guy, and WeiMing from sec 5. The red team (the mensturation team) had Ringo, Raied, the less handsome sec 3 twin and the Karaoke guy from sec 5 who has a lovely singing voice.

We just slacked in the Commerce Room for an hour, and when the event finally came, we got planted into the audience. Here's the story: Singapore's under terrorist threat and they need 8 "volunteers" (us) to save it. So, the master of ceremonies asked for volunteers and the 8 of us were supposed to stand. And we did, in the most gay manner possible. We stood up, went like 'Oh Yes, Yes, Yes" (you've got to hear this for yourself), shook each others hand, did some high fives and went up the stage. Raied and Jeremy were supposed to switch names, and I was supposed to be Ringo who loves Taiwan, and Ringo was supposed to be Raymond from the Philippines. Raied and Ringo backed out, so for the next hour or so, I was Jeremy Tan.

First segment was the MCQ section. They won, 7 to 6. In fairness, both teams got their share of hard and difficult questions, so it's pretty fair. The next segment, I don't want to talk about. It went horribly. They won by only a point, but I believe the judges were being lenient.

Anyway, we all got the same set of prizes both losers and winners, so it's all fine :).Thanks to all those who watched for being a great audience, and congrats to the winners of the lower secondary quiz too.

Me, Alex, YanShan, TahNern and Ringo then headed over to chiong Orchard for our 50th Anniversary dinner costumes. It's such a hassle, because finding the perfect clothes is so difficult. On that night, I must look *this* perfect. Anyway, Zara had some cheap blazers and so did G2000. Nobody bought anything, but I've spotted potential things-to-wear. Ate Famous Amos cookies, but the Subhuis one are still better, and we had some Tako Balls too.

Went home on the 16, and I fell asleep on the bus. Zzz...

Sunday, July 30, 2006

I'm not a mocodity.

Nothing much except sleep and study today. I was supposed to go out to get my dinner costume yesterday, but my mum wasn't up for it, so we're doing the shopping next week. I left my e-maths textbook in school, so I can't do the loci exercises, and I'm still waiting for YanShan to scan the ChungCheng Paper 2 to me. Otherwise, I'm done. Heading off to Singapore Post to get a mathematical instruments set and do two hours worth of studying.

I was watching "Life as We Know It", a teenage angst-fest from StarWorld yesterday. The plot's thin, but it's about guys and sex, so I could relate. Anyway, there was a dancing scene, and then they played "Cannonball" by Damien Rice. I used to have the song, and it's my favourite one ever. The lyrics are deep, and Damien's voice is a mood-killer, but it's a sad song and as they say, when you're sad, listen to sad songs (Not that I'm sad, I'm perfectly happy, princess) Hearing it once more inspired me to go YouTube it, and I found the video! Hooray! The simplicity of the video is beautiful. I've never made a bad reccomendation before, never ever before, and "Cannonball" gets my seal of approval.

Stones taught me to fly
Love taught me to cry
So come on courage!
Teach me to be shy
'Cause it's not hard to fall
It's not hard to fall
And I don't wanna lose
It's not hard to grow
When you know that you just don't know

They were having the National Day rehearsals yesterday. I could see the fireworks from my place! I had a video of it, but unfortunately, I was singing along to Cannonball while filming, and my voice wakes the dead.

Toodles from a Domestic Assistant xD.

Anyway, check out this trailer of Dr. Tran. No idea whether it's a real movie, but the trailer's hilarious.


We're only a month away from the prelims, gah.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Loli content is to not be shared!

From Wikipedia:

On 30 April 2003, President George W. Bush signed into law the PROTECT Act of 2003 (also dubbed the Amber Alert Law) which again criminalizes simulated child pornography. [10]In December 2005, Dwight Whorley was convicted under this law [11] for receiving both "…obscene Japanese anime cartoons that graphically depicted prepubescent female children being forced to engage in genital-genital and oral-genital intercourse with adult males." and "…digital photographs of actual children engaging in sexually explicit conduct." [12][13]

So, you must be wondering, just like these few gayboys...what's up?

Star lol. Anyway, you see that shoe in the above picture? The one with the three stripes? That's the original Sala. Any other Sala, especially if it's orange, is wrong.

This ball made by Ryan is Choo Jia Han. Right now, Choo Jia Han is inside the ceiling of our classroom. Yup, and he's still smiling.

In the Geography room today, we found this. Whoever Ryner is, he got owned:

The rice bowls in Yoshinoya are edible.

R&D (Research And Development) of Subway came up with this new concotion. It's delicious.

Story of the cookie: Jeremy bought the cookie, I split the cookie, Jeremy joined the cookie, I took the photo of the cookie, and posted a picture of the cookie.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


It was my father's birthday yesterday. Since we already celebrated it on Saturday (or was it Sunday?), we just did the whole sing-a-birthday song (in Tagalog even). Mundane celebration, but still, I won't easily forget about 25/7.

First thing in the morning, I stopped by 7-11 to grab some stuff. I couldn't resist drinking the milk tea they have over there. It costs a buck-fifty but the taste is heavenly. It's called Mine-Shine Milk Tea and it's imported from Japan, apparently, so the Engrish is excusable. Drank a total of three bottles today, and honestly, I'm addicted.

You know before morning assembly, when a prefect goes around turning off all the lights and shouting "Go down to the parade square"? I used to do that, but that was ages ago. This morning, I was assisting Andrel in his rounds. It's fun bullying they guy :). It's not really bullying lah, more of, tough love from an elder brother to his younger brother. Followed him around as he walked into classrooms and offed the lights, telling him to shout louder and all that stuff. How fun.

Anyway, two tests on the first two periods. A chemistry one and then an E-maths one. The chemistry was OK, nothing too difficult. I thought the E-maths one was simple, but I got careless in one of the questions, so good-bye 30/30. The two periods of Phys. Ed. was fun too. We had to run 3 rounds, and this time, I ran with ChooChi, who is currently reviving old flames (Melissa, Vanessa, ShingLee, and Sirivaja or something). We were chasing after Gaitree (Is that how you spell it?), but after she stopped running, we found Gaitree Version 2, then Gaitree Version Three (Or Gaithree) and then a White Gaitree. I didn't feel tired at all during those three rounds, because I was running with the most random guy in school.

ChooChi: The AhBeng with white and orange specs; the one who invented the terms "KarWai Bless!", "Sean!!!", "Celebration for Masturbation", "Virginity~~" with accompanying actions.

Anyway, the lessons afterwards were boring. Seriously. We did have a physics test (three test in a day ftw), but that was easy. Revisions for physics are on the right track, and I'm so happy.

We met up with the RGS girls after school. There was a teacher (What colour?) with them, so it made the meeting abit more formal that it should have been. The topic at hand: Elitism. Alot of digression, abit sian at times, but the topic wasn't really my cup of tea. I mean, "elitism"? Personally, I don't see what's wrong with it. Some people are just born that way; gifted. We've just got to accept it; that they're better, and should therefore be treated like that. I mean to say, it's only logical to let the ones with most potential to grow right? Also, Singapore isn't so rigid that becoming an "elite" is difficult; If you've got it, then there are means by which you can join this "elite" group.

So yeah, much ado about nothing. Hopefully, Friday's forum will arouse my interest to this matter.

The rehearsal after that was :/. My mike was malfunctioning, and that was so distracting. My acting was affected; badly. Shiat lah. People were crying backstage, and people were crowding around whoever was crying. If I was whoever that person who was crying was (phew, that's a mouthful), I'd prefer to be left alone, with one or two people to console me. It's not a Channel 8 drama or whatever, dig?

I took a cab back home, and got stuck in a jam. I wanted to take 33~.

Raied's going to own this competition. And maybe, Choo Jia Han.

Freebie: Marcus Tan's a Bangla, and I can run faster than him.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Bad-Hair Month

I'm having a bad-hair month.

Yup, a whole month's worth of bad-hair days. Cheesepie. It'll take about a month for my hair to grow back to the length it was so until then, I'm stuck with this. I'm so thankful I had the 50th Anniversary picture taken before getting my hair-cut.

Basically, I was irritated with my old one. The fringe stung my eye, and the tail was like a bait, for teachers to catch. Gah. So I proceeded down to Cut N Curl, like always this Saturday.

Me: Don't touch the fringe so much. The rest of the head, cut shorter.
Hair-stylist (don't call them barbers!): Oakhui.

I liked Cut N Curl because they've got lots of magazines. They've got FHM too, so I'll be honest that that was what I had on my hands. Wah...good siah the jokes. Anyway, while I was reading, I heard the buzz of those shaver thingamajig...and WTF! There goes my layered hair! Not got slope! Not just a slope...DOUBLE SLOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was too late for me to do anything about it too, so I just let the hair-stylist do what he wanted.

I'm still coming back to him next time because I liked what he's done previously, but when that time comes, hopefully, Ringo's words will echo in my mind. "The first thing I say to the hair-stylist is "don't cut slope", folled by all the minor details". I'll keep that tip in mind.

Somehow, my hair's become the topic-sentence of the day. "What happened to your hair?" (I got a hair-cut.), "You got a hair-cut? (No, they magically split), "You gained weight?" (No, I got a hair-cut) and "Wah, your hair's so gay!" (Don't emo lah).

I'm not taking any pictures of it, because it's horrible. Thank god I've got my personality intact, and my rugged good looks too. I probably lost half of my fan-girls, but there's only one I <3,>

The following was ripped from a link of a link of a link of a link of a link of a link...you get it lah.

Who was the last person that...

1. Made you smile: Ryanfranco teaching me to play the piano xD
2. Saw you cry: Everyone who attended Super Teen
3. Went to the movies with you: 20+ people at PotC 2
4. Talked to you on the phone last: Her.

1. Flowers or ice cream: Ice Cream.
2. Gray or black: Black.
3. Color or black and white photos: Colour
4. Lust or love: Love.
5. Sunrise or sunset: Sunrise.
6. Staying up late or waking up early: Waking up early, because I want to see the sunrise.

Answer honestly..

1. Do you like anyone now: God, yes.
2. Smoke: Never ever. My dad told me I could once I get a job, and honestly, that's the best incentive not to.
3. Steal: Never.
4. Do you believe in love at first sight: Not until it happens to me.

1. Sun or moon: Moon.
2. Tea or coffee: Coffee.
3. Left or right: Right.
4. 10 acquaintances or having 2 best friends: 2 best friends.
5. Sunny or rainy: Sunny.
6. Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream: Chocolate ice cream.

About you..

1. What time is it: 11:40 pm
2. Name: Raymond Angelo Gonzaga Lagdameo
3. What do you want right this second: A handphone plan which gives 2000+ free sms-es
4. How many kids do you want: 3 or 4.
5. Do you want to get married: Yes.
6. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it: Twirl.
7. Do you cook: I can make Nasi Biryani in 5 minutes.

In the last week have you...

1. Bought something: Yes.
2. Sang: Yes.
3. Been hugged: Yes.
4. Felt stupid: Yes.
5. Gotten your hair cut: Goodness, I really shouldn't have, but I did.
6. Cried: Yes.
7. Said I love you: Not yet.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin

Title basically somes up how I'm feeling :). It's in tagalog.

Quick Kicks

Since I haven't blogged much lately, here are some shorts, or as I'd like to call it "Quick Kicks".

Nothing much happened during curriculum time itself. We did have drama session after school. I was really tired, but you always make my day. We had a single run, and there were no teachers around, but somehow, the energy level was high. Phwoar. One of my favourite rehearsals. YanShan, HuiMin and LiYun extra-ed at the CG room, and then, me, Raied and Glenn Woo had dinner with them at Burger King at Ikea (Eee-kee-ya, or Eye-Kay-Ya, whatever). Talked crap. The line for the taxi was non-existant, so I thought, might as well. Raied and Glenn tooke advantage of me, they hopped on too. Anyway, there was a jam from hell, and I got slapped with a $20+ fair. Thank god I save for rainy days. Also, hair-checked happened, and this Ringo-imposter was arrested.

It was Racial Harmony Day! Me, Andrian, Raynard and Ringo were upstairs doing our duty on the 4th floor. Then, the celebrations started, and we thought, might as well stay on the fourth floor. We actually took chairs (WTF THEY'RE PINK?!) from 2A to get comfortable while watching the festivities, but they pussied out of it. But still, we had VIP seats, with an eagle-eye view of the whole parade square, and the whole school. They were similuating a prayer session, I think (coudln't hear the emcee very well, because our AV system is the pitz), and then these two guys walk through the Parade Square. I thougth they were just extras, but wow, they did have a role, which until now I can't figure out. Chinese dancers' performance was screwed, once again, by the AV system. A pity. Me, Jeremy, Glenn Woo, Elaine, Wan Jun and Mrs Dass squeezed into Mrs Dass' car after school to head for Singapore Poly. The sec 3s who came along took a cab with Ms Sim. Why Singapore Poly? They had a Literature meet there, and we were one of two schools invited. They had Poetry Slam, which was too emo, and then two long speeches. I fell asleep during the first one -.-, but the the second guy piqued my interest quite abit. Left during the break to go home, change, then over to Plaza Singapura. Met her, walked around, shared pizza and ice-cream, took her home, and I headed home myself. I've still got the receipt! :)

This is 1337

We had Speech Day rehearsal and then Drama Session. Nothing interesting really, just talking to people and such. Anyways, Mr Lau treated us to McDonalds. Crates of the oily stuff came, and we couldn't resist. We were supposed to seat for a $30+ buffet, but I choose the path of least resistance when it comes to food. YanShan came down and so did Jason, just before I was forced to eat the last Fish Fillet, which was the last burger, so all they had left was fries. Not just fries, a freakign BUFFET of fries. Disaster struck with Glenn started vomitting. We were at the school gate waiting for someone, when she felt naesuous (confirm sp), got down on her knees. Me, Shan and Ringo went to fetch a taxi. When the taxi came, Glenn left with Jason and Raied. I asked "Where's the vomit? Where? Where?" I turned my head, and BAM there it was a few centimetres from my foot, a puddle of solid vomit. Eugh. We played bowling (won one game!) and pool (won one game here as well!) and I left to get a hair-cut (too short, fuck) and then home to celebrate my dad and my bro's b.days. I was in the kitchen mostly, preparing food, mingling, or entertaining little kiddies.

In order; TYS, Prince, Jason, Raymond, AhLongSan and Ringo

Saturday Night and Following Sunday:
Problem arouse, settled, and apologies were accepted. I'm so glad. Smuacks.

Oh. And congratulations to the new Debate Team for beating ACS Baka in the Mayers Debate! I hope you guys make it to the next round; but even if you didn't, remember that the team that one the Julia Gabriel's lost twice in the Mayers while you guys won once.

It's About Time; by John Denver

Its about time we begin to turn the world around
Its about time we start to make it the dream weve always known
Its about time we start to live the family of man
Its about time, its about changes and its about time
Its about peace and its about plenty and its about time
Its about you and me together and its about time

Credits to Benjamin for sending me this song. It was played in the Super Teen camp, and it's in my handphone right now. I listen to it whenever I'm doing homework and stuff, and I can't help but feel uplifted. The time we spent in the Super Teen Camp, I won't forget. Don't forget the promises we made. You said you were going to get 4/5/6/7/8 As, please, prove yourself.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Elite

Yesterday morning, after the Racial Harmony Celebrations, Jo-pu, the school's absolute best photographer called me, Ringo, Jeremy and Glenn down for a photo-taking session.

For what?

Apparently, the four of us are going to write articles for the school's Coffee Table magazine which is being published in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary. I can't believe I was chosen to write something GOOD for the school, because I haven't exactly been it's biggest advocate, but what the heck. Budding journalist must be able to bend their opinions, no matter how white the uniform is, or how red and blue the logo is.
Feast your eyes on the eye candy:

Glenn Woo can divide by zero:

Ringo's hair is not red:

Jeremy is an ARDENT fan of AC Milan:

Raymond Angelo loves reminiscece-ing and sharing his pizza:

Months ago, when my iPod went all screwy on me, I thought all my songs had disappeared. But no, it appears that they've been stored somewhere in my computer, and it's only recently that I've found them. Yessah! Not all my songs were recovered, but roughly 40 hours worth of them is back in my play list. Here's an old favourite of mine, In This Diary by The Ataris

Here in this diary,
I write you visions of my summer.
It was the best I ever had.
There were choruses and sing-alongs,
and that unspoken feeling
of knowing that right now is all that matters.

And YuJia posted about me yesterday too! Honestly, I'm so thankful! Whatever you're up to in China, do your best! If I can do it, so can you :) Check it out here. And yes, Prep is an awesome book.

when he said "you"
at most of the 10 things blah blah blah,
i dont know why,
but i suddenly saw raymond as someone who can be
very loving.
from the proud, egoistic raymond,
to the loving, thoughtful raymond.

Friday, July 21, 2006

The Sun Already Gone Down


I need to get some sleep. I'll update tomorrow if there's time. Sorry for a non-update, but life's good when you're Raymond Angelo, if that even makes sense.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Class pictures!

The Formal Shot

-Raynard, he scares me.
-MeiXing, what's up with her face lol?
-Choo Jia Han (AH BENG!)
-Pek Kim Shan, where's his acne?

The Fun Shot #1

-Ivan's bighead
-Raynard's bedroom eyes
-Bernard looking at his WTF-sign as if it's a seed which is going to bloom in spring.
-Valerie o.O
-ZhengYi, and whatever he's doing to the person in front of him :)

The Fun Shot #2

-Where the hell is Lim Jia Han's hands at lol?
-The whole first row of boys. They look like they're enjoying it too. Especially Bernard.

-Why the hell do I look like I'm the same height as Ivan, the ex-ASM (Assistant Sergeant Something orAlmost Shortest Man when I'm almost 4cm taller? This can be attributed to not one of the following, but a combination of ALL of the following:
1)My hair was flat.
2)His hair was fluffed up and spiked.
3)He was standing tip-toe.
4)I was slouching.
5)The soles of his shoes are thicker than mine.
-Andrian and Elgin's expression remained the same in all three pictures.

To HaoYang: You may not be in the picture, but to all of us, you're still a part of 4A. Peace out, and thanks for praising me so much. I don't deserve it...

Pictures were scanned by: Tan Yan Shan


Today I came to school, fully prepared to sit for a Chemistry test. And *bam* it got canned. Darn, to think I made so many sacrifices just to study for it. In the end, I did benefit I guess since I can finally describe Haber and Contact Processes without referring to the Chemistry Bible, AND Cats feel pressure in concentrated areas of temperature.

So, Chemistry was cancelled, but there was another test in the pipeline, the E-maths one. This test was on Graphs, and I can't believe how careless I was. The questions stated "pointS" and I only gave one point. So much for taking the easy way out. Anyway, a period blew off just like that.

During Physical Education period, we ran three rounds at Clarence Field. I haven't run in about a month, so I was abit iffy. I do push-ups, sit-ups, general physical conditionaing, but nothing aerobic, since you can't do that inbetween of homeworks/studying. So yeah, after a long break, we were made to run. 3 rounds in 7 minutes, and I finished it in 6 rounds. Of course, there were people in front of me, but still, I never once stopped to walk, so I'm proud of myself. I did beat Andrian Kanta, an NCC member, and generally fitter looking guy, who is wearing Adidas "Sala"shoes as well. His Sala is salah lah, my Sala is the correct and original Sala.

I'm the original. Don't you forget.

Anyway, after the run, we played Captain's Ball. The class was split into 6 teams. In mine was YanShan, TahNern, ZhengYi the Chinaman from Singapore, Sing Suen and Esther. Power siah, we all. We owned the other team. Maybe it's because they had two non-existant players (you know, the kind who blends in with the background?), but still, they had Ringo+XianLiang. And we beat them. For some reason, I couldn't keep myself from singing the songs "If I Ain't Got You" and that song they played in SuperTeen; the one with the full moon lying over India and Gandhi being reborn. Awesome songs, those two are. If you've got the India song, please send it to me at supernal_me@hotmail.com.

We tried to take advantage of our close proximity to the canteen, and avoid the gotdamn line of that popular stall with the beige plates. But no, the line was like this loooooooonnnnnnnnngggg. You know in River Valley High? They don't even have those metal barriers to mark out the line, yet all of them were waiting in line so obediently. Why can't we get that kind of behaviour in our school? YanShan's going to suggest to SSS that the metal barrier things get fixed or modified in such a way that there's one line for going in and another for going out, and no way for student's to sneak in from the side. I'm behind this idea all the way. The stall was selling kang-kungs, whatever those things are, and all the dudes were enthu about getting them. But kang-kungs sold out so...darn. I still don't know what's so great about them.

A period of English spent reading this article about hospices. I loved the journalist's writing; if only I could write that well, and if I put in enough effort, I'm sure I'll be able to. 'Til then, please bear with my shoddy blogging. Anyway, that was one hell of an article.

During the two period of Physics, we were to have practical. Now, where's my practical file? I brought it to school ages ago, but had forgotten to put it in the cupboard, and now when we actually needed it, I had left it at home. I owned up to Ms Wee quickly, so that maybe one of the reasons I'm not copying the whole chapter of Radioactivity or whatever. The practical this time around was less complicated that last week's one but still, my points in the graph I was to draw were all over the place. Best-straight line? More like, "screw that, let's just connect two lines"-line.

I had fun in Malay class, sleeping. Fun siaol. I came to class, the teacher told me to chillax since she was going through Monday's listening. Chillax I did. I slept for two full lessons. I woke up and was like "WTF, where am I, who are these people?" Srsly. Just ask Izzad. I gave him these eyes -_- and asked him where the hell I was. No shit.

A-maths remedial and Geography remedial was OK. Tourism seems OK larh. But I'm sticking to Physical all the way. Let's get physical!!!!!

PS: What's the point of saying "You've been tagged" when you never say who tagged you?

The Night of the Waking Surveys

Random as possible.
--Do NOT hit "back" unless you have Netscape, if you hit enter.--
Because no one knows, what's your name?:Raymond Angelo Gonzaga Lagdameo
Spell it how it sounds (ex. Brittany = BrittUhKnee).:Reiii-moaned Ann-jello Gone-za-ga Lagg-the-mei-yo
Do you know how to play FreeCell?:No idea.
Do you even know what FreeCell is?:It's some sort of card game lol.
Do you think it matters how long you've listened to a band?:Nope.
Why or why not?:If you like the music, then you like it.
Xanga VS. Myspace VS. LiveJournal... which is better?:Blogger.
WHY is it better?:I Power Blogger.
Do you like playing the "click" ads on pages just because?:Nope, I haven't clicked on those before.
Favorite place in Europe?:Italy
How often do you check your email?:Everytime I log into MSN
How old is your oldest friend?:80-something (Great Grand Uncle)
And your youngest one?:Not even a year old
Have you ever been to an art museum?:Yes.
Do you like your potato chips with ruffles or ruffleless?:With ruffles.
Are you hungry now?:Always.
Do you get mad if someone does something they KNOW irritates you?:Yes.
Do you think band camp is what movies tell you it is?:Yes. In a movie, they once said that "Rome will rise" and look what happened.
Would you believe me if I told you that you're full of it if you say yes?:Yes.
Too bad. Anyway, do you like canned cheese?:You can put cheese in cans?
Do you take any medicines? Prescription only.:Nope.
What are they called?:None.
Why do you take them?:I don't.
What's the trendiest thing at the moment?:Hmm...studying, I guess.
Switches or buttons?:Switches.
How many buttons are on your computer monitor?:6.
Have you ever seen an eclipse of any sort?:Yes.
Any pet peeves?:Replying to an message with an "OK" or something short. It's a waste of SMS lah.
What about guilty pleasures?:Pony-tails XD
Do you think "cranberry" is an appropriate name for a color?:Nope.
Why or why not?:Because Ernest Wong said so.
Do you think blood, sex and booze is overrated?:Nope.
Did you catch the reference to Green Day in there?:Nope.
Polka dots or stripes?:Stripes.
Do you think veganism and vegetarianism is overrated?:Yes.
Favorite president?:Ramos!!!!!
If you don't have one, is it because you only know of Clinton and Bush? :]:Nope.
Have you ever read "The Great Gatsby?":Is this some kind of hair-styling manual...?
Have you watched the movie?:A movie about styling your hair? Why not?
What's the biggest waste of time?:Not taking a taxi.
Do you consider yourself well-read?:Yes.
If the Titanic hadn't sank, do you think it'd still be around today?:Yes.
Guess what? You're done. :]
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You've been totally Bzoink*d

Three Things
Three things that scare me:
2:Graduating from Queenstown.
3:Not becoming the man I thought I would become.
Three people who make me laugh:
1:Ryan Phang (I scared leh, my mother caught me ************. What to do?)
2:Choo Jia Han (KARWAI BLESS!! SEANNN!!!!)
3:Glenn Lum (Hey, Ahmat-Raymond!)
Three Things I love:
1:My life.
2:My individuality (voolamak!!!!)
Three Things I hate:
1:Long waits.
2:Doing something without thinking.
Three things I don't understand:
1:The concept of men having nipples.
2:POTC 2
3:Japanese -_-"
Three things on my desk:
2:A Rose.
3:My chemistry guide book.
Three things I'm doing right now:
2:Studying for a chemistry test.
3:Praying that someone doesn't fall sick.
Three things I want to do before I die:
1:See the Northern Lights.
2:Pitch my idea of a manga to that dude who drew 20th Century Boys.
3:Tell my lifestory to the whole world.
Three things I can do:
2:Make the impossible possible.
3:Make people laugh.
Three ways to describe my personality:
1:Thinks things through.
Three things I can't do:
1:Not love a family member.
2:Outright hate somebody.
3:Stand up for what's wrong.
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45 of the most random things you probably never needed to know about someone
whats your name spelt backwards?:oemadgal agaznog olegna dnomyar
What did you do last night?:Talk on the phone and study A-maths.
The last thing you downloaded onto your computer?:IMVU, 3D MESSENGER!
Have you ever licked a 9 volt battery?:Nope.
Last time you swam in a pool?:Woah. Months.
What are you wearing?:The scrabble tee-shirt, and umbro shorts.
How many cars have you owned?:Lots. And different brands too. Got hotwheels lah, tamiya lah.
Type of music you dislike most?:R&B
Are you registered to vote?:Nope.
Do you have cable?:Yes.
What kind of computer do you use?:I have no clue.
Ever made a prank phone call?:Yes. (Hello, you're son has skipped school today....blablabla)
You like anyone right now?:Yeah.
Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving?:If it doesn't kill you, might as well.
Furthest place you ever traveled?:Somebody else's mind O.o
What's your favorite comic strip?:Penny Arcade!
Do u know all the words to the national anthem?:LOL. Which? Singapore's or Pinas'?
Shower, morning or night?:Both.
Best movie you've seen in the past month?:Silent Hill.
Favorite pizza toppings?:Cheese.
Chips or popcorn?:Chips.
What cell phone provider do you have?:Starhub.
Have you ever smoked peanut shells?:Nope. Pre-packaged -.-
Have you ever been in a beauty pageant?:Nah. Only a handsome pageant.
Orange Juice or apple?:Oleng Juice in Langkawi.
Who were the last people you sat at lunch with?:My schoolmates.
favorite chocolate bar?:Hard choice...the Chunky KitKats.
Who is your longest friend and how long?:I don't like to compare sizes of shlongs.
Last time you ate a homegrown tomato?:Back in the village.
Have you ever won a trophy?:Yes, Pushball, debate, etc.
Favorite arcade game?:Guitar Freaks
Ever ordered from an infomercial?:Nope.
Sprite or 7-UP?:As long as it's diet/light.
Have you ever had to wear a uniform to school/work?:Nah, Singapore's the kind of country where uniformity is discouraged.
Last thing you bought at Walgreens?:A brochure to find out what Walgreens is in the first place.
Ever thrown up in public?:Yes.
Would you prefer being a millionaire or finding true love?:Finding true love.
Do you believe in love at first sight?:Nope.
Did you have long hair as a young kid?:Nope.
What message is on your voicemail machine?:That starhub lady, saying something like, I couldn't be reached.
Where would you like to go right now?:Soul Society.
Whats the name of your pet?:Choochi.
What kind of back pack do you have, and what's in it?:A Dakine one, containing all my school stuff.
What do you think about most?:My bright future.
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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

FF:AC could have been so much more if it starred Raynard.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Sexy Name Decoder: Raymond Angelo Style

Apparently, I'm an adonis who gives as much as I take. Cool shit.

This Week in Pictures [Part Dua]

I'm aware of the lack of post-age in this blog. I apologise, from the bottom of my being. I had the SuperTeen Camp from Wednesday to Friday, and then on Saturday, drama, Pirates of the Caribbean 2, Oasis and pool and finally, studying at Hawker's place and working out in the gym yesterday. I won't elaborate on this stuff today. If I really don't have the time, I might not talk about Saturday and Sunday at all, but I will be blogging about the SuperTeen Camp. It was a blast. But when I do post about it, it will be my last post in a very very long time.

On Superteen:
Super-Teen is a fast-moving, high-energy programme that is filled with excitement and challenges. Teens are put through a stimulating environment for personal excellence and growth.
They will learn more in Super-Teen than in the rest of the school year!

When God said "Let there be light", Ernest Wong said "Only if you say please".

The next may be the last.

Anyway, I don't have much time to blog today, or as a matter of fact any day what with all the studying and the less mundane stuff going on. I meant to update on Saturday/Sunday morning actually, but I couldn't wake up because I've been burning the midnight oil lately -_-". I've still got homework to do, spidergrams to draw, books to mug, a body to sculpt, straw stars/roses I've to learn how to make, and a planet to save. So, I present you, TWIP (This Week in Pictures)...don't get all technical on me, I'm aware that it's not a week per say, but TWIP sounds so much better that "The Past Few Days In Pictures" which will leave us with TPFDIP, and that doesn't make sense, does it?

This Week In Pictures

The Super Teen camp was held in River Valley High School's Lecture Theatre 4. It was like our home for three days, and I grew to love it. I swear, my chair's probably got the imprint of my butt on it. I so should have left a signature on the chair.

I'm a SuperTeen!

On Saturday, I had lunch with Hawker and Weiming. I finished much faster than them, so I got an ice-cream. "How come the ice-cream bigger than my head?", roared the Dragon three times. "The ice-cream vendor see you black he give you more ah?" And I'm like "No lah, he see me handsome give me this big ice-cream,"

So, WeiMing goes off to buy his own, and they're the same size! Holy shiat at the generosity!
PS: Mine's the one on the right. I've got a weird way of eating ice-cream cones which you've got to see to believe.

When we watched Pirates this Saturday, the turn-out was a whopping 21. Believe it! As I've yet to return TahNern his belt, he's using the string of tickets to hold his pants up.

Matching shoes. To the right is TahNern, and to the left is ChooJiaHan. Really gay siah, especially the yellow shoe laces on KarWai (KarWai Bless! Sean!) . Who's the seme and who's the uke? Speaking of shoes, somebody ripped off my Sala shoe and bought his own pair! Andrian, you poser! Tomorrow I'll take pictures of your shoe and suan you like hell in my blog, k?

On Sunday, me and Shan went to Hawker's house to study. We did do some studying but yhe played DOTA for abit, and we also went down to the gym. Hawker looking emo, me looking macho, and Shan looking gone.

At the busstop where I take 51, I was suprised to see this image. If I hadn't read it, I would have thought it was telling those on wheelchairs to roll onto the road and get banged. But no, it was telling those in wheelchairs to roll all the way to the nextstop to get onto the bus. Let's see now, lah, the logic behind this. They want the person on the wheelchair to push himself all the way to the next busstop, with all the roads he has to cross, the obstacles he has to overcome and with all the kway he has to eat in Geylang, just to board the bus?

And they get a smiley face as a consolation too. Hoo-freaking-ray.

Raied messes with some computers. He fixed it back though, so it's all good.

As part of Racial Harmony Day celebration, a Cum Tasting Session is being held by the Quest "Chefs". It's actually something else (I can't remember the word before cum), but why is the chefs called "chefs"? Makes you wonder what they're really cooking under their aprons.

Your stars :)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Feeling Super?

Having been occupied by the "Super Teen" Camp for the past few days, I've been very busy. I wake up at 7 to meet Ringo and YanShan at school, head of to River Valley High School at around 7:40 for the "camp", sit on our asses and listen to these three guys (Ernest, Ken, Gabreille) talk, go for breaks at every 2-3 hours, and head back home at around 10:30+++.

As in the title, this is a non-update; an update just so you know that I'll be back, that I'm not neglecting my website.
On Friday evening, expect an all-out-Raymond-bares-all account of the camp. With crying. Lots of crying XD.

So anyway, nothing much 'til then.

Perfect 10 (Not in any particular order)

10 things i want here,right now
- NDS Lite
- A Singaporean Maid
- A Vespa
- A Blazer
- T & A
- My Personal Digital Camera
- Abs
- The Apunehneh Song
- A PROPER Mp3 player
- You.

10 things i want for my future
- Fame
- Fortune
- Family
- Friendships
- 6 A1s
- Travel around the world.
- Long life.
- Rock-solid body.
- World Peace.
- You.

10 things i miss
- My Grandparents
- My iPod -_-"
- Sleeping early
- Morning duties as a Prefect!
- Playing Soccer?
- Quest Fit WTF FTW?
- Haruhi Suzumiya
- Cheaper taxi fares
- Bernard's left arm
- You.

10 things i loveee
- My blog
- Singapore
- Philippines
- Family
- All of my friends
- MY SAMSUNG phone
- MY SALA shoes
- TFC!!! (The Filipino Channel)
- My bed
- You.

10 blogs you always read
- Racial Stereotypes
- TYShan
- Faith Ignition
- Mr Beaver
- Jiro's
- itsdatoes
- Maddox
- Tomorrow.sg
- My Own.
- MemoirsOfAGaysha- [Where I ripped this survey from]

10 things you bring everywhere you go and why
- Handphone; Habit lah, to listen to music and take pictures; never to call/message because that's too practical.
-Wallet; Money makes the world go round
-Necklace; from my mother, I treasure it like whoa
-An Armband; My trademark
-A Textbook; Dang
-Homework; Fucking
-Notes; O' levels.
-An umbrellay; You never know
-A Handkercheif; The most versatile weapon in a man's arsenal. Can be used for your own personal hygiene, or you can offer it to a crying/sick lady. If not, then it's a killer fashion accesory.
-A book (Memoirs of A Geisha, at the moment)

10 people you want to do this
-No one in particular, but if you do decide to snag this, I'd appreciate a little bit of credit given to whoever it's due to (i.e, me)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

TuanJiaw talks sense.

TuanJiaw might be full of shiat sometimes, but I still love him. I've known the guys since Secondary 1, he was the first to talk to me when I first came. I'm a fan of his blog, partly because he's my friend, and it also helps me keep up with the gossip. When he wrote this piece, I couldn't help but agree.

Scientist over the past centuries have been trying to uncover the toughest subject of all time. Women.
Have you ever met this girl. And you were thinking,"Damn! I gotta get her number!" At that time. You knew practically nothing about her. All you knew was that she was gorgeous to you. And that you really wanted to get to know her. So then you got to know her. You try your very best to get closer to her. Just when it seems like your getting warmer, you suddenly feel cold again. Its like. She draws you in. Messes with your head. Then feasts on you. Abit like a black widow. You never really know whether she truly likes you or not. Sometimes she drops hints. But then. You can never confirm. Cause she'll pull you along. Go a whole big round. Then drops you down again. She always seems to be the one making you jealous. You can never seem to be the one to do that on her. She could make you do whatever she wishes. But you could never do the same too. They are also never the ones to take initiatives. Always depending on boys to start off first. So slowly. She becomes the angel or the devil. They always seem so sweet. Never wishing to clear your doubts. Never indicating whether you ever have a place in their contact's list. They try to be nice. But sometimes. They are just too NICE. Never being able to stop others from doing anything. Stopping others except for you. You get blamed for even why the sky is blue. She tells you that she would not do it again. And the very next moment. You see it happening. And you can never complain. Cause why? You have fallen for her. Not just that person you met and really wanted her number. Everything she does is beautiful, and everything she does is right. But you could never complain too, cause you were the one going after her in the first place. Finally. Once you found that extra space in her contact's list. And she suddenly opens up to you. She becomes so sweet and nice. Prettier than when you first met her. It does make you scared doesnt it? For fear that all of it seems so good to be true. So...they are a weird creature arent they? But still, WE LOVE THEM! *Especially my mother, grandmother and EHEM!!

Behind the Scenes: The Prefects' Investiture

As one of the main organizers of this year's Prefects' Investiture, I pretty much know the whole event, in and out, left, right, up, down and centre. Here are some insider info from yesterday's ceremony.

-The prefects' certificates were made by Ryan Phang and Raymond Angelo. I bought the papers for $24. Ryan splurged $60, on the printer ink ALONE. The school was going to pay after all.

-The certificates for the Secondary 3 executive committe had to be re-printed, because I had spelt the word "appointment" wrongly. Maryam's certificates is still waiting to be reprinted, we missed one "I".

-For the investiture music, I had compiled a CD containing 6 tracks. The music was ripped from Kingdom Hearts I and II OST, Battle Gear III OST, Densha Otoko OST and Tera's Precious. In the end, we went with a track called "We Will Save Them My Friend" by Tera. Who's Tera a.k.a Ting Si Hao anyway? He's this awesome dude, the keyboardist in HaoYang's band, cousin of Jeremy Tan as well as good friend of some of my 4A friends. He published this CD; a collection of his own compostions. After hearing the demo reel, I couldn't help but buy it. And you should too!

-The seating arrangements went a gajillion rearragnements, and it wasn't fixed until the night before.

-Due to the Mother Tongue O-levels, we only managed to squeeze in three days of rehearsals. We had one final one on last Saturday, but that one had quite poor attandance too, as people had to leave half-way for the Excel Fair, and to bring around the Thailand people.

-The Sec 4 male prefects used Loreal Paris Remix with remouldable textured effect to style their hair. And all the girls freaking swooned.

-I, as the writer of the script for the emcees, forgot to include them thanking the VIPs for giving out the awards. My bad.

-The table cloth and flowers on the table are currently MIA. It was apparently cleared by the servants, or whatever you call them. If anyone has any information on where these items are being held, please do inform.

-There was one extra chair, right infront of me. Mr Lau was supposed to come, but for soem reason, he didn't. It was very last minute too, so we couldn't get the chair out in time. I was hoping someone in the front row would block me from everyone's view, but alas, no.

-Me and Ringo apparently should go out more. As the certificates were given out, we were surveying faces at the hall. We couldn't identify most of them -_-".

-If you've been listening to Choy Peng's speech, you might have heard the phrase "Mammoth Task". It has become a tradition for the Head Prefect's to abuse this phrase. You see, the speech is published in the year book, and each year, the new head prefect uses the speech as a guide. Somehow, "mammoth task" became fashionable, and for the past four years, it has reared it's ugly mammoth-size head.

-The "Scroll of Appointment" was called the "Scroll of Empowerment", because I thought it sounded cool. Then I realised where I had heard it from: Power Rangers: Ninja Storm. It's the scroll used to make the monsters bigger. So, it had to be edited.

-On the subject of the scroll, it's actually one extra certificate printed out weeks ago, simply rolled up. There's nothing written inside, except a rough-version of the certificates. This is because someone had forgotten to bring fancy paper. The scroll was tied with an unknown piece of string I found in my bag. The person who was supposed to bring the ribbon did bring the ribbon but had misplaced it on the day where we were going to do the tying.

-The apostrophe in the "Prefects' Investiture" thing is actually a comma. Andrian could not find the apostrophe, so we had to settle for a comma, and turn it upside-down.

-There's a pair of white shoes in the back of the hall which I presume belongs to one of the prefects. If you have lost a pair, check it out.

-The prefect's uniform is made of the most translucent material ever. The sewer's a pervert. You can't wear bright/dark coloured under garments in them. Yet prefects still disobeyed. I swear I heard people saying "It's blue!!!!!" from the background.

-Ringo's nametag and prefect badge were MIA. My prefect badge had a big-ass crack in the middle. Raynard's hair was slicked all the way back, like a president.

-During the walking out segment, it seemed that I was leading the way too slwoly for the prefects behind. I apologise.

-To best fit in the blazer, I've been doing 120 push-ups every 1-2 days.

-Althought the Secondary 4 prefects have stepped down, they are obliged to wear the badge and the tie so that they won't go too wild. I don't like the school's mentality on this part. They don't trust as much do they?

-There are currently three pure Pinoys in the prefectorial board. I'm one of them. From left to right: Raymond, Suanne, Queenie. Members of the U.F.O, United Filipinos Organization. Pinoy Pride!

That's it for the behind-the-scenes. Confirm got some stuff I've forgotten, but what-the-hey.

My blog was acting up yesterday. But I finally fixed it. Things can go wrong if you copy and paste YouTube videos anyhow.

For today, quite a few stuff happened. After not having gone to assembly for two years because of morning duty, I finally did. I'm glad I did, too. Lotsa awards were given out, and some people went up on stage and that made my day. Alex got a cookie! He deserves it too! So did YangHai, my volleyball cum Quest Fit mate!

Day took it's course. Biology people had a practicle, dissecting a goat's heart. Disgusting stuff, but IT'S A GOT DAMN HEART!

We played Captain's ball with a bunch of teachers. Owned them. They had the volleyball coach, Mr Low, even the teacher who is in Dragon Boat but we still beat them 3-0. We were outnumbered by two also, so go us. In my team, if I remember correctly was me, YanShan, Ringo, Andrian, Christine and Raynard. Phwoar.

We had lunch at Queensway McDonald. I think Shan's going to blog about it, so go check him out. He needs hits! And he's got a video of Raynard doing something disgusting, so do visit.

I'll be logging off now. To all those going for camps tomorrow, take care and don't miss my blog or me too much. And don't forget to bring insect repellant. I've got my own SuperTeen camp, from 8 to 8! Busy-busy~~~~~

Credits: Suanne for the photos. Glenn Lum for the video. Jeremy for Tera's CD.

Monday, July 10, 2006

You Tubed?

Para-para Video feauturing YanShan:

An interview with the Vannes:

Prefect Down! Prefect Down!


I've been a passive viewer of the World Cup; I make fun of the published "articles", I watch the highlights, I discuss it in my day-to-day living, but I have never stayed up past 12 just to watch a match. But yesterday's finals held significance to yours truly. I foretold that Italy would win. Don't believe me?

I said:

Italy's going to win the WORLD CUP.

A while ago, I made a bold prediction. I quote:

"Here's a bold prediction from me. Spain's going to win the World Cup. In the Omen, one of the signs of the Antichrist is the rise of Rome. Since Rome is in Spain...I'lll let you make the connection"

But wait a minute! Rome's not in Spain, it's in Italy! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oops man, major blooper. So in conclusion, Spain won't win the World Cup, Italy will.

Check my June archives! I predicted this ONE MONTH AGO, on the 6/6/6 just after watching Omen. It's not a prediction based on "analysis", purely instincts! This just goes to show that what I say goes!

And Nadal lost Wimbeldon to Federer. Darn. I stayed up til 1+ to watch the match too.

So, yesterday, Yan Shan called me out to go cycling at East Coast. The plan was to meet at Suntec first, then from there head on to the beach. First to arrive was me, as usual, followed by Yan Shan, Andrian and Hui Min. We met up with Glenn Woo, TahNern and Ringo later, but not before i got myself a pair of black shoes for the investiture which was the next day. I have always been under the impression that "Bata" was a pretty cheap shop, nothing more than $100 at least. Imagine my shock when I asked for the size 11 of this awesome looking shoe only to find that it was $269. Goodness. In the end, I got an OK-looking one for $60. Almost the same price as my "Sala" shoe!

Anyway, we played abit of arcade, Guitar Freaks and Maximum Tune, the usual. I owned YanShan in all my races so as far as I'm concerned, Angelo FTW.

The weather was horrible. Though according to the Geography Textbook, it's not the North-East Monsoon season yet, it's been raining like buckets recently. As I sms-ed to TahNern shortly before I left my house, "It's raining man", forgetting to put the comma before the "man". I truly believed that we won't be doing any cycling that day, and we didn't!

We took a bus to East Coast. Slowly, the rain fell, before building-up to a full on assualt of water bullets like quail eggs (expression taken from Memoirs of A Geisha <3).>

So a whole bunch of nothing at East Coast since the rain showed no signs of stopping. No clear plans was made lah; took 16 to who-knows-where. Nobody knew where we were going, and since I was feeling really really under the weather (literally, figuritively), I dropped once the bus stopped at my stop. They ended up playing pool, but I got some work done at home, and got to talking to people, so it's all good.

As for today, it was Prefects' Investiture. Early morning and I realised I forgot to bring a belt to hold up my size 40 pants (I'm a size 28 to 30 now, FYI). Thanks to TahNern for not leaving his home despite the time being 7++. He lent me a Billabong belt. It totally clashed with my white pants and shirt, but my blazer covered it up so yay. I got the book in the morning, so yay for that too :-).

The day was short, because we left class at 11 on the dot. We did have to put up the words "Prefects' Investiture" during recess. Kanta couldn't find the panel for the apostrophe, so he took a coma and turned it upside down, so that's why it looks so weird -_-".

Event went quite smoothly. Some people were abit blur about things, but in general, it was so~so. Short and sweet ceremony. We looked so good in our blazers; I think people were hyper-ventilating on the insides. I'm so happy to have stepped down!

After the whole event, we had a picture taking in the foyer, and then some in the canteen. As I lack my own digital camera, I'm having to rely on people for pictures, so I'm sorry for that! The pics are gonna come in drips and drops, as I collect pictures from various people with camera. Here's one from HuiMin:

Stayed in the library after school for abit to do some A-maths with some of the 4-a guys. I'm impressed with Ryan's influence among the library members. See right, his juniors took out sets of Scrabble to play. Ryan went over, said some stuff and they buzzed off just like that. Phwoar man. Gayboy on the outside, thaiger on the inside.

Headed home and got some sleep, homework, exercise and studying done. It's been a long day, and this week; even longer. Cheesepies.

PS: I'll take good care of the book and the apron.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Candidate #5; Your Star {Didn't expect this one to turn out so well; was experimenting with WeiMing's camera. O RLY?}

Don't Trust Anyone But Us

Sometimes, ignoring something and just forgetting about it is the best solution. To all who are still circulating videos of the incident; please do stop. Damned person with the camera phone didn't even catch me being a hero... So yeah, it was an accident; Nobody wanted it to happen, it just did because well, shit happens and that's how life works. Saying "Too bad" seems so nonchalant, but it was a dose of misfortune. We all now know better now, I guess. What we can do is stop similar incidents from happening in the future.

OK, let's stand up, and move forward.

I present you: The Friday and Saturday update!

My second day back to school, and finally all the "Raymond-being-a-big-mouth" stuff has been effectively deleted from everyone's minds. Good job on my side, I was telling my side of the story to everyone who was willing to listen lol. So with that thing settled, I was happy, though still flustered at how the hell it came about.

First two periods was funny. Physics Practickle. This time I'm sitting beside Ringo. Such a breath of fresh air compared to sitting next to Ryan who seems so hesitant when doing Chemistry expereiments! Ryan'll be like "Put chemical X, right? Then sugar, spice and everything nice, or is it everything nice then sugar then spice?" I don't mean to discredit him; I'm not such a good Chemistry lab partner myself, since I'm always spilling water/chemicals on his book. Paiseh man, I know you're reading this! So back to the subject of the lesson...We did one of the past year's O-level practicles. One thing I can conclude: Physics practicle is much much much more difficult than chemistry ones. Gah...more practice please.

For English, Mrs Ong finally came back. I'm really doubtful at how everything is going to work out. She's already expressed explicitly at how much she DOESN'T want to teach us. On my side, I'm ok with anything, so long as I learn some stuff, but not the case for some of my classmates, I think. It's the "you don't like us, then we won't work with you lor" attitude. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for everything to work out. That, or for a super early return for Mdm Yani (Congrats on the baby!).

During recess, some stuff happened. Not going to divulge details but I was the hero! I stepped between the two parties, then one of them pushed me aside, and I banged against the wall. I gave the finger shouted "KANINABEI...OI!...meng". Then everything stopped. Pinoy Phwoar!

Here's a prayer for a quick recovery!

So we had ACE, though it was just administration work, as in Ms Chee collecting money, forms etc. Turn out for the 50th anniversary dinner seems so pathetic. I wonder who we'll be seated with on that day itself...

A geography test was conducted. Simple fluff. But there was this question which I really screwed up. Something along the lines of what would be the best location for a wafer fabrication plant. I read the "wafer" part wrongly and thought it was "water fabrication plant", you know, like a place where they treat water and all that. Oooohhh...! I wrote the correct location, even the correct reasons (need for skilled labour, raw materials come easily, etc). But at the last minute, I just had to add that we have efficient sewage systems which makes transportation of water fast, so the location with consideration of the raw materials and market doesn't really matter. WRONG! Minus 3 marks!

After school, me, Ringo and Kanta went to try and put up the "Prefects' Investiture" words in the hall. We were originally going to help out at the Excel (is this how you spell it) Fair, but there was more important things in our mind. We couldn't put up the letters as Mr Singh wasn't around. He went to escort someone to the hospital, if memory serves me right. Whoever that is, I wish for his quick recovery.

Is it just me or did last Friday feel very...last-day-of-school? Dunno leh, all the Sec 4 guys were going crazy. In fairness, it is the end of one hell of an eventful week. More chair craziness! And lotsa shouting and merriment. Just imagine the damage to the school ones O'level finishes. It's going to be a wreck.

Don't ask:

Me and about 17 other guys headed to Peace Centre to play LAN. Horror I tell you, trying to get a place which could accomodate 18 guys. So in the end, we split up. Those who were under 16 went to the Bubble-tea LAN shop (they were the only ones who allowed the little chicky-dees to enter), while the more mature ones (me, Hawker, Raynard, James, WeiMing, Andrian, TahNern and Elgin) went to HeadQuarters. I was in the winning team in the two games I played!

First game: Me, Raynard, James, Hawker
Phwoar man, we owned badly in this one. Me as the Vengeful Spirit and James as the Pudge went around killing people. I even killed WeiMing (DOTA God, and all-around Gamer)!

Second game: Me, Raynard, James, Elgin
Not as good, but we still won, thanks to Raynard and James. Raynard was eating, or whatever it is which is the opposite of feeding (DOTA terms, don't ask). I really need to pay more attention. Hawker as Bone Klinkz (I hate Klinkz) killed me too many times. I'll be killing creeps, when all of a sudden, I'll die, just like that. Then I'm like "WTF?!?! How did he kill me? He got teleport ah?" I turn to Raynard to ask. He replies "No, you just weren't paying attention". Owned siah. But we still won, so it's all good. Hawker's exceptionally good in DOTA, so I feel no shame in being killed by him.

Played arcade for a bit. Ate at McDonalds. Then headed home to MSN and finish up some invesitture stuff. Got some revision done at night. Burning the mid-night oil does one good.

The next day was investiture rehearsal. The plan the next morning was for me, Ringo and Kanta to meet at 7, so that we can arrange all the chairs before the prefects come at 8. But in the end, Ringo came at 7:30+ and Kanta at 8. Slept in school before they came, lying on the canteen tables. They're surprisingly comfy, those canteen tables. Thanks to whoever for waking me up. In the end, 7 seemed too early a timing, we got the chairs set-up quickly. The rehearsal went OK, though I hope the prefects won't forget their cues and all that. Must thank Raied and Bethany for coming, they're your emcees for the ceremony! Finally, after 3 years of hard-work, it's all over. Time to move on to other things, like studies and emotional development and shytes.

I'm still sick. Throughout the rehearsal, I was sweating like crazy. I was wearing black mah, and on top of that, I'm far from being fully recovered cough*ahem*cough. I brought a total of three shirts yesterday, my costume to be passed to Ms Khoo, but I was sweating so insanely that I couldn't help but change. Prefect shirt->Hill Crop shirt->Sifs polo.

We ddi two runs for drama. One was a rough run which I and Hawker fucked up badly. Rehearsed like whoa backstage, and on our second run, we didn't screw up! Thank heavens! Finally, a run without a hitch. Overall, the rehearsal was blah. I was still coughing, and my throat was sore. Project my voice and damage my throat, permanently dismantling and dreams of being a singer in the future? Dunno lah, but I tried my best. Coudn't see an opportunity, so I was disappointed. Zzzzzzzzzzzz...

After drama, me and the drama guys (Hawk, Ming, KenYih, Joe, Alvin and Luqman) went to this sushi place at Cine. We were waiting in line for an hour or so, and on top of that, the waiter gave seats which we could have SQUEEZED into to some other people behind us. Damned bad service. When we finally got into the restaurant (It's one of those buffet style, with the conveyor belt from which you get you're makans) we went into three stages. First stage: Pass me that. We were just grabbing anything which looked mildly nice and eating. Hungry lah, especially me who only had Snickers for breakfast. Then second stage: Order this and this and this. We're not as hungry now, so we're ordering from the menu. One person orders something and the rest just grabs whatever is there. Third stage: The tank is full. After an hour of eating, full tank riao. The only think which we still took was the cream puff, which was HEAVEN. WeiMing disobeyed the unwritten rule, He grabbed the cream puff as it was passing some other table opposite us.

Went to the arcade to play around for abit. KenYih lost a bet, and so he had to make a prank call to someone. We went too far, I think. I messaged him yesterday to ask him to say sorry. Not sure whether he's done so. We also got invited into this party which is next Saturday. Dunno whether we're going or not. Most likely, I won't, but like the wind, I'm quite unpredictable.

Sialah, long update. And only got two pictures. Wait a minute...GOT MORE LEH!

WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 Saw this in Cine. Whose birthday is coming up next? This'll make an awesome gift.

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